The English Kayak

This skin- on-frame English Kayak is based on a design by the British designer Percy Blandford.

English Kayak specifications:
Weight 22lbs
Length 11ft
Beam   28 inches
Price $ 1795.00

Based on a design by the British designer Percy Blandford, this kayak was meant for England's gentler waters and is ideal for lakes, estuaries and calm rivers. Its wider beam make it stable for fishing, birding and photography. Its short length and straight keel allow it to turn easily yet track well. Mr Blandford originally described it as " the smallest kayak a man could pack with a week's camping gear."  Now I'm sure Mr Blandford packed a lot lighter than I do but I have enjoyed this kayak's stability and ease of paddling on two- and three-day trips down the Delaware River on the New Jersey-Pennsylvania border. There is no better feeling than sitting in front of a tent at dawn admiring your sturdy craft on the sandbar, coffee in hand as the sun burns off the morning fog.

Who should use it:

This is the most versatile kayak we make. It's perfect for beginners and seniors because of its stability and light weight. Its weight  of only 22lb (10 kg) means anyone who can pick up two shopping bags can put it on the roof of the car. Try that with a 55lb plastic kayak. The large cockpit makes entry and exit easy. In short this kayak will suit anyone from age 10 through 70.

Where should you use it:

This is the kayak you are going to use every day. That intriguing creek you see on the way to work. That bird sanctuary you've wanted to visit. All the places you've dreamed about. Let's get this straight. This is NOT the kayak for the Class IV whitewater, and you are not going to cross Lake Superior in this. But with this kayak on your roof rack you'll find it hard to drive 10 miles without finding some place to put in and enjoy.

English Kayak designed by Percy Blandford