Dix 16 Kayak


The prototype of this exciting kayak was launched on Beltzville Dam, PA on November 26, 2007. Lifting this light kayak off the roof rack was a breeze. Final weighing is not done yet but its around 35lb. The day was sunny, clear and cold with a light west wind, leaving a nice smooth lake for the initial testing. With cold water filling my wetsuit booties I eased my 6ft length into the cockpit and headed out. My first impression was of the acceleration as I paddled out onto the lake. Compared to the English kayak and the Folbot I've been using lately this a sports car. Initial stability is a little less than those two kayaks but as the chine submerges a healthy secondary stability takes over, allowing you to carve turns with confidence.

This 16 foot sea kayak was designed by Dudley Dix.  This extremely light (35lb), durable kayak is available as a completed boat, a kit and also as a course built boat. It is suitable for all paddlers, and especially great for those of us who find lifting a 55lb boat onto a car roof rack to be a problem.

Dix 16 Kayak Specifications

Weight 35 lb
Beam 23 inches
Length 15 ft 8 inches
Kit frames $250