Short Shot Kayak


Short Shot is the little brother of Long Shot. It's is basically a scaled down version of Long Shot. It has the multi chined (round) hull shape instead of a single hard chine which lowers the resistance and makes it easier to paddle and faster. I did deviate from the round bow shape and went with a pointed bow,.

The styling maintains our unique Fan Tail stern but has a pointed bow. Short Shot has a Stability Factor of 93 that same as Long Shot. It should feel more stable than the number implies. If you have paddled much at all I think you will find this very comfortable. If you are a new paddler it may feel a bit twitchy but you should adapt to it very quickly. With the seat we recommend your sitting very low and that keeps the CoG low.

I have been paddling my Long Shot for a while now. I know anything I say will come across as trying to sell boats, but I Love This Boat!! It has proven to be comfortable, stable and fast. So far, this is my favorite and it is the one I grab most of the time. I expect nothing less from Short Shot.

All figures based on a 250 lb total displacement

Length over all * 16' 7" ft.         
Beam overall * 23" ” ft
Design draft 4 inches         
Displacement 250 lbs
Waterline length 15' 8.5";          
Waterline beam 21";
Prismatic coefficient 0.553         
Stability Factor 93
Max displacement 350 lbs


short- shot skin on frame kayak