Ravenswood Kayak

Ravenswood is is another fast cruising hull. It is based off the proven Curlew hull and will fall in what I call the Fast Cruiser category. I took what I learned with Curlew and tweaked the hull and depending on your goals, improved it some. It has a little better performance in the 3-4.5 mph range than the Curlew. That makes it a good choice for most paddlers.

If you are really into fast paddling this is not the boat for you. At 5 mph the resistance starts to increase dramatically and you are going to be hard pressed to maintain a faster pace. For the large majority of paddlers this is not a problem. That is getting into sprinting speeds.

The shorter length make it easy to store and easy to handle. It should weight in around 23-28 lbs with a 8 oz skin and western red cedar stringers. Of course weight will vary between boats. There is enough volume for camping but it is not a touring boat and you are not going to stuff a lot of gear in this boat.

All figures based on a 250 lb total displacement

Length over all * 15 foot 6 inches       
Beam overall * 24 inches
Design draft 4.5 inches at 250 lbs
Waterline length 14 feet 2.5 inches         
Waterline beam 21.5 inches
Prismatic coefficient 0.5486       
Max displacement 325 lbs


Ravenswood skin on frame kayak