Long Shot Kayak

Long Shot has a multi chined (round) hull shape instead of a single hard chine. By going with a rounder shape the boat has less wetted surface area and that lower resistance. It and Firefly have the most potential for speed than any of my other boats. Paddling Long Shot has proved this to be true.

The styling of Long Shot is pure Kudzu Craft. From the rounded bow to our unique Fan Tail stern, there is no mistaking this boat. However, if you not a fan of the Rounded bow we now have the option of a more traditional Pointed bow. The plans have it drawn both ways so you can build your boat with the bow you prefer.

Long Shot has a Stability Factor of 93 but it feels more stable than the number implies. If you have paddled much at all I think you will find this very comfortable. If you are a new paddler it may feel a bit twitchy but you should adapt to it very quickly. With the seat we recommend your sitting very low and that keeps the CoG low.

I have been paddling my Long Shot for a while now. I know anything I say will come across as trying to sell boats, but I Love This Boat!! It has proven to be comfortable, stable and fast. So far, this is my favorite and it is the one I grab most of the time.

I am probably an average paddler. I do spend more time on the water most guys I know but I am not a racer nor do I have any desire to race either. I can paddle this boat up at 5 mph/4.5 knots no problem an maintain that speed for a while. I can even paddle with the fast group now. Granted I have to work and push myself to do so but with my other boats I couldn't keep up for any distance.

I find this boat responds well to a little lean, so course corrections are simple. For an 18' boat it still turns very well. Tracking is good but I wouldn't call it tight tracking. But that is one of the things I really like. The one thing I didn't like about the boat was the foot room was probably to small for people with big feet. So I raised it slightly on the plans to help accommodate larger feet.

All figures based on a 250 lb total displacement

Length over all * 18.0 ft.       
Beam overall * 22 ” ft
Design draft 4 inches        
Displacement 250 lbs
Waterline length 17' 6";        
Waterline beam 20"; 9”
Prismatic coefficient 0.547       
Stability Factor 95
Max displacement 350 lbs


long shot kayak