Skin on Frame Kayaks

Unicorn Kayaks offers a unique custom kayak building service to the discerning paddler. We specialise in skin on frame kayaks as we feel they offer many advantages over plastic and composite kayaks. Most of our kayaks are built using a hybrid lashed frame construction with a sewn heavy duty Dacron skin. The resulting structure is very light and surprisingly durable. We can also build using more traditional methods if so desired. Each kayak is carefully built to the customers specification and outfitted as required. Just chose one of our designs or send us the plans of your dream kayak for a cost quotation. We also make custom Greenland style paddles. The perfect accessory for your new kayak.

Most of the kayaks we feature here were designed by Jeff Horton of Kudzucraft . There are very few skin on frame kayak plans available and even fewer that look good. I had almost given up on finding any when I found Mr Horton's website. His kayaks are truly beautiful and I am building a fleet of them for my own use . For those of you who have the skills and confidence to build your own kayak from plans please see the link to Kudzucraft on the Useful Links page. He also has frame kits and various other items for building and fitting out your kayak.

skin on frame kayaks - Kudzucraft slingshot

We offer:

  • Custom built skin-on-frame kayaks.
  • You can help build your own kayak at our facility or I will come to your home and build it there
  • Weekend kayak building workshops for groups or individuals.
  • Kayak building workshops at your facility for groups,clubs or associations.
  • Click on the WORKSHOPS link on the for more details.

Browse our website and ask, why paddle, why skin-on-frame kayaks, why do you teach people to build ultralight skin-on-frame kayaks, and the picture gets a lot more interesting ......


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